Why Are We Going to Vietnam?


Menu. Exploration. Photography. We could spend weeks pursuing an endless list of reasons to travel to Vietnam . . . but, we have banh mi to make back in Evanston :). So with these three themes in mind and being just weeks away from opening our first storefront, we are primed to canvas Vietnam and pursue a very focused research & development agenda.

  • Menu: We feel confident in our current menu, but are always on the lookout for inspirations to tweak existing items and add new ones. With this in mind, there’s no better way to learn about Vietnamese cuisine than heading straight to the source! On our short list of menu focus areas are: breakfast, desserts, juices & smoothies, and spices. Also, with both Chinese & French influences across Vietnam, we are also keen on taking note of how we could potentially expand our crossover ideas (e.g. baguettes, sweets, bbq, appetizers). We’ve scheduled cooking classes and you can expect to see a whole lot of Nommin’. Street vendors, restaurants, marketplaces, here we come!
  • Exploration: This trip is as much about culture as it is about food. Humanity and harmony are at the heart of the Vietnamese culture and so are the values of family and community, just like in our kitchen. We plan to visit several landmarks and communities across Ho Chi Minh City, Hoi An, Hanoi, and Ha Long Bay and our goal is to broaden our understanding of the people and what drives the amazing, rich culture of Vietnam. In and out of our kitchen, we constantly push ourselves to shape a meaningful and rewarding company culture. And, as we continue to define our team culture in these early states, we are eager to apply the meaningful values we observe In Vietnam to our own company’s growing culture.
  • Photography: Food and art are like two peas in a pod. Every day, we take great care and pride in preparing delicious entrees that feature colorful displays of beautiful, fresh ingredients & produce. And, of course, we often share photography of our menu, but we also want to share the beauty behind our food as well. Vietnam is decorated with incredible vistas and we plan to capture as many of them as possible on camera. The country consists of so many extensive mountain ranges, tropical forests, and deltas — and each of these terrains provide rich conditions to unique fruits & veggies and a large share of world’s black pepper, rice, and coffee. Stay tuned for our upcoming photos, we cannot wait to share the stories behind our Noms!