Learn About Viet Nom Nom


Viet Nom Nom is equal parts fast, fresh, and delicious. We all know the age-old perception: tasty food isn’t healthy, and healthy food isn’t tasty. Our kitchen, however, aims to solve that conundrum. We are proud to serve a Vietnamese-inspired menu and strive to put our modern, unique fingerprint on traditional Vietnamese dishes to appeal to all walks of life, while offering customers better-for-you food.

From our banh mi to scratchmade pho, the Viet Nom Nom team always prepares every meal the Nom Way: in-house and responsibly with fresh produce, rich flavors, and thoughtful consideration of your health, while delighting your taste buds.


In 2015, Noah Bleicher originally crafted the concept for Viet Nom Nom while earning his MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. He soon teamed up with co-owner, Alan Moy, and the two have rapidly grown the business from its original focus on catering, events, pop-ups, and grab & go distribution to its first brick & mortar location in the heart of downtown Evanston. The tandem plans to use its passion for community & partnership and deep experiences in hospitality & business management to quickly expand and open several more locations across Chicagoland and beyond!


We are proud to be different. Viet Nom Nom starts and stops with the Nom Nom Family, which is made up of team members that exude endless amounts of talent, drive and unique identity. Our Noms are carefully prepared with the dedication, precision and passion that each and every one of our team members brings to the table on a daily basis. When it comes to culture, benefits, and growth, we are committed to bucking the trends within our industry.

Learning, self-betterment, and collaboration are musts in our kitchen, and we hope that each of our team members can help us continue to raise the bar in unexpected, out-of-the-box ways. Both Alan and Noah invite members of the Nom Nom Family to share their voice and creativity, to ultimately evolve and grow Viet Nom Nom’s unique fingerprint every day.



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